About Me

My name is Viral Patel and I live in Ahmedabad and currently I work as a full stack software engineer for Qrioustech. I also handle IT operations and mentor my best friend since childhood. It has been a fun and exciting journey yet.

Since google send me this newsletter about how they are going to monetize the ".dev" namespace I had been impatiently waiting for my resume to get online and my blog will also soon come to life. You can find my personal strategic details below grouped in a nice un-ordered list.

Apart from work I enjoy researching on Development Operations and writing documents for my fellow peers or help them or get helped where we can. I am very passionate about solving real life problems with digital solutions and I am currently exploring a lot of stuff from front-end framewarks to distributed languages like elixir-lang. I love to play real life 8-ball pool whenever I get the time and I am into harmonious symphonies while I code.

  • Name: Viral Patel
  • Age: 26 Years
  • Job: Full Stack Software Engineer - Frontend - Backend - IT OP's
  • Citizenship: Indian
  • Residence: Ahmedabad
  • E-mail: v@viralpatel.dev
  • Web developer + Javascript Developer (2+ yrs experience).
  • Full Stack developer with a track record of building efficient, fast and secure web applications. PHP and Node.js for the backend are my core strengths.
  • Vuejs, VanillaJS, React for the frontend power my backend with bootstrap.
  • I am good at debugging issues and finding innovative & logical solution for the same. Love working on logically complex requirements.
  • Highly motivated and active learner. Constantly increasing my stack of technologies to fit any task I am presented. Hard working and a good listener. Ready to adapt any new technologies, should there be any requirement.
  • Good with working in sync with all active teams like iOS and Android or the Frontend Devs and can cultivate results according to teams requirement.
  • I am good with communicating with clients on understanding their requirements, assessing them when required and I have also worked as a dedicated resource for many clients located globally.
Jun 2018 - Present
Software Engineer - Qrioustech

  • Continued what I did at my previous company listed below and added a whole portray of other things to this job.
  • Increased Client Communication to manage projects whilst developing according to their requirements.
  • Worked as a dedicated resource for Offshore outsourcing to clients in USA, Canada, Newzealand, Australia.
  • Adapted Multi-tenant DB integration inside laravel.
  • Sub-domain management via Laravel Route configuration, hence using the same code base for multiple subdomains and different products.
  • Worked on a product management team whilst being outsourced as a dedicated resource to the client.
  • Increased proficiency in native MySQL queries inside laravel's core controllers.

Jan 2017 - May 2018
Software Engineer - Stegowl Media Labs

  • Completed and maintained multiple projects.
  • Skilled with JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and anything HTTP.
  • Actively using PHP frameworks like Laravel and CodeIgniter.
  • Currently Adapting and Using Front end framework like Bootstrap for CSS and VueJS for JavaScript.
  • Good with Server management and hands-on experience with Amazon Web Services(AWS), Digital Ocean and Google Cloud Platform(GCP). Maintaining more than 15 instances for different clients. Services include EC2, Containers, IAM, VPC and RDS with Route53 for AWS. Droplets for Digital Ocean and VM's for GCP.
  • Implementing Real Time Web Notifications using socket.io for NodeJs or Pusher for PHP and in making RESTful API’s.
  • Implemented Chat server for one of the projects made in laravel with socket.io for bi-directional communication and worked with Android and iOS team for the same.
  • Good with integrating 3rd party services like Stripe, Mailgun, Amazon SES, Twilio, Paypal, Twitter App, Oauth 2.0, etc.

Bachelors in Computer Engineering. 2010 - 2016
Universal College of Engineering, Kalol Kalol, GJ

Completed Bachelors in 2016 with 6.8 CGPA.

KG - Till 12th 2010
Asia English School Ahmedabad, GJ

Completed SSC and HSC with 78% and 60% in 2010 in science stream.

  • Version control: Git (Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab).
  • Package Managers: NPM, Composer, apt-get, yum.
  • Project Management and Team communication - Slack , JIRA, Basecamp.
  • Database: MySQL Server, MongoDB
  • OS - Linux, MacOS and Windows.
  • IDE - Sublime, Code.
Future Goals
  • Get AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate level.
  • Get In-depth understanding of Reactjs.
  • Learn at least 3 more AWS services for Professional level.
  • Try to make web apps based on Firebase Services.
  • Get started with Serverless Infrastructure Design.